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  • XX Software Technology Co., Ltd. of  Xingsha Economic Development Zone is located , the technology research and development of a set of large sites, network marketing software R & D as well as the network marketing service in one of the high-tech software companies is one of a handful of domestic enterprises to master the core technology in the field of network marketing software, bulk software, web crawler, a large construction site. Relying on the company's core technology, products for different industries, different sizes, different applications and solutions. At the same time, we have the perfect network infrastructure services, to businesses or individuals to provide domain name registration, web hosting, business offices, website acceleration, database, cloud host network infrastructure services. The company has an extremely rich passion, technical top team, composed of a number of years of software development experience and network marketing experience in the professional and technical personnel. Companies adhering to the "state-of-the-art technology, sincere service, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, by virtue of its powerful software technical strength, rich network planning experience, comprehensive concept of network marketing, as well as improve the operational mode, is committed to providing our customers with the most quality of service, and received wide acclaim from all sectors of society.   【more】
    About Us
    • Image store designImage store design

      Design Image, also known as the image consultant, most of the human body color as the basic features and human face and body, temperament and social role, and other aspects of the comprehensive factors, through professional diagnostic tools. At this stage of the image of the outstanding representatives of the test out of its range of color and style, to help you find the most appropriate clothing color, color, color, color, fashion style, so as to solve the problem of people's image. Image design can be divided into urban image design, corporate image design, image design, product design, etc..

    • Marketing propagandaMarketing propaganda

            "marketing campaign" is a book published by CITIC publishing house in 2003. The author is Marconi and Gu Jianping. This book comprehensively discusses the planning, organization and implementation of a marketing campaign all the important aspects of the media, from a deep understanding of the media, held a press conference, to create opportunities for on-site marketing. Whether it is for a battle hardened veteran media or just * * * PR new book is advanced collection of rare.

    • Television advertisingTelevision advertising

            television advertising is a form of advertising through television, which is usually used to advertise goods, services, organizations, concepts, etc.. Most of the TV ads are produced by outside advertising companies, and the number of television stations to buy. Television advertising has now developed from several seconds to a few minutes, with 10 minutes of advertising, as well as the &ldquo of the entire program, and &rdquo, which is also known as TV shopping. A wide variety of products can be carried out through television advertising, from household cleaners, agricultural products, services, and even to political activities. In the United States, the influence of television advertising on the social mass, the candidates are considered to be unable to launch a good television advertising, will be difficult to win in the election.

    • Three-dimensionalThree-dimensional

            3D animation, also known as 3D animation, with the development of computer software and hardware technology, a new technology. Three dimensional animation software in the computer first set up a virtual world, the designer in the virtual three-dimensional world in accordance with the shape of the object to display the model as well as the scene, and then set the model according to the requirements of the motion trajectory, virtual camera motion and other animation parameters, and finally to a specific material, and hit the lights. When all this is done, the computer can automatically calculate and generate the final image.